Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Vets in Croydon: Gain a Better Understanding of the Canine Coronavirus

A dog owner should have relevant information regarding some of the common diseases that the animal may be exposed or predisposed to. Canine Coronavirus (CCV) is one of the risks that dogs face as they grow. The disease is highly prevalent in puppies, making it the second biggest cause of diarrhoea in dogs. Coronavirus and canine parvovirus can be hard to distinguish, and that makes it important to have the right knowledge on it when taking care of a pet dog. One notable difference between the two diseases is that parvovirus often leads to fatalities, but that is not the case with CCV. Vets in Croydon can conduct examinations for an accurate diagnosis.


Monday, 8 August 2016

Vets in Surrey: Understanding the Dietary Needs of Your Pet Rabbit

After furry domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and in particular, rabbits are the most popular pets in the UK. In fact, the 2015 Animal Wellbeing Report from PDSA puts the number of these pets at 1.2 million. Traditionally, not a lot of people kept rabbits as pets largely due to lack of knowledge on their proper care. There is no precise formula for rabbit care, but with the right information from vets in Surrey, you can gather the basics. Just like other pets, rabbits have dietary needs that their owners need to know of.


The nutritional needs of a rabbit is often largely dependent on age. The diet of a young rabbit should include pellets because they are designed to provide specific nutrients for weight gain. Commercial pellets are naturally balanced and have high fibre content to cater to the needs of a growing rabbit.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

How Trusted Vets in Croydon Can Provide Needed Care for an Ageing Cat

Like any living organism, age takes its toll on cats. You may be a pet owner with a cat that has lived past its primes. Knowing how to take care of an ageing cat is very crucial. Age advancement in cats is unique with a one-year-old cat termed as equivalent to a 16-year-old human psychologically. So, how do you tell yours is a senior cat? If it's between 7 and 12, then that is an old cat. Ageing is natural and some heath complications arise from it. With the help of veterinarian services in Croydon, it is possible to manage some of these issues. What are some of the problems that an ageing cat has may have?

Weak Immunity

A decreased immune strength is one element to watch out for cautiously. As a cat ages, it loses the strength to battle diseases. A deficiency in the immune system results in chronic conditions such as liver, heart, thyroid and kidney diseases that may weaken a cat. The conditions are common causes of weight loss in cats.


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Vets Across Surrey Issue Health Warnings to Rabbit Owners This Summer

With the days starting to heat up, vets in Surrey as well as the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA), are appealing to rabbit owners to ensure that they take the adequate precautions to keep their small, furry pets safe from the sun this summer.

Unlike most other pets, rabbits lack defense mechanisms such as sweating and panting that regulate body temperature and aid the cooling process when temperatures rise. Add this to the fact that rabbits have dense fur that acts as an insulator, it is easy to see why high temperatures can cause them to overheat. The ideal temperature for a rabbit is between 15ºC and 20ºC. Anything higher than this can cause potentially fatal heat stroke.

Don’t Let Rabbits Stay Under the Sun

The main way to ensure that your rabbit doesn’t overheat is by providing plenty of shaded areas for it to escape from the sun.


Saturday, 4 June 2016

Croydon Vets' Tips to Give You and Your Pets a Stress Free Holiday

Arranging suitable care for your pets while you're on holiday is important for their welfare and your peace of mind. Pets can get stressed out by their owners' absence, by being in a strange place, or being looked after by strange people, but there are ways to make sure they have a good time while you're away. Kennels and catteries look after large numbers of cats and dogs every year. Your pets will be looked after by professionals and given all the care they need, including daily exercise. Vets will tell you, however that some pets find being away from home, and surrounded by other animals stressful. To help them settle, take along their own bed or blanket, and a favourite toy or two. Something that smells of you, like a sweatshirt you've been wearing, can also be comforting.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Vets in Surrey Help Diagnose, Prevent, and Deal with Diabetes in Cats

Diabetes in cats is a problem that vets in Surrey see frequently in their surgeries. Approximately 200 cats in the U.K. are suffering from feline diabetes mellitus. Just as in the human form of the disease, the body of a diabetic animal does not produce enough insulin, resulting in raised levels of glucose in the blood and urine. Recent studies undertaken in Australia have shown that feline diabetes is often an inherited condition, with the Burmese being a particularly susceptible breed. Symptoms Diabetes is a treatable condition, especially when caught and treated early. As a matter of fact, around half of all cats with this condition make a full recovery. One of the major causes of feline diabetes in obesity, so it is important to keep your pet’s weight always in check. The disease usually becomes apparent at around 7 - 10 years of age.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Regular Visits to Croydon Vets Help Keep Your Cat’s Kidney Healthy

Cats are known for taking good care of themselves, but it is still important for a pet owner to provide them with the necessary attention their health. Like any other pets, cats can be vulnerable to illnesses. Kidney disease is one of the potential health challenges that a cat may have to face. A kidney disease may develop over a prolonged period, which can be dangerous. For this reason, a pet owner should take their cat for regular visits to a vet. Croydon vets have the necessary expertise to diagnose and treat cats with this condition. However, a pet owner should have some basic information on what it is exactly. Causes Kidneys play vital roles in a cat’s body. One of that is the removal of toxins and waste substances, and the circulation of clean blood in the system. Kidneys also control the levels of blood in hormones.